Inter-cloud Service Exchange Platform (Agent Portal)

Agent Portal (multi-tier and multi-brand agency platform) Using VFOS and ICMS(Inter-Cloud Management System) at the back end, Agent Portal aggregates resources and templates from various branded cloud system and WIKI template library to provide service.

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On Demand Virtual Leased Line with QoS (ODVLL)

OD-VLL uses SDN (software-defined-networking) mode to configure and manage lease line. OD-VLL can allocate network resources flexibly and dynamically according to user’s demand. Once VLL established, carrier-class management and maintenance are provided to maintain its stability.

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IFDC IDC Solution

IFDC is a new technology to build Internet Data Center. It is aim to simplify physical network structure, increase network communication efficiency and provide QoS to fine-grained cloud server. This is the next generation. For more details, please visited:

CloudFarm Product Service

CloudFarm (included IDC and Rack) is a product combination based on IFDC technology to provides a total solution to private cloud. This include Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Dedicated Private Cloud (DPC), Local Private Cloud (LPC), etc. CloudFarm includes inter-cloud service that can be used to make connection among private clouds. For more details, please visited:

SOHO Cloud Platform

SOHO Cloud is a solution based on Inter-cloud technology to provides IT resource management service to small and mideum size company. It includes virtual hardware resouce management, network resource and software resource management. Employees can connect to the desktop provided by the SOHO Cloud via the cloud. For more SOHO Cloud details, please visited:

B2P2P Social e-commerce

Coming soon.

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