Inter-Cloud Services (VM) Enable Flow:

In line with national laws, please complete "Power-All Business Application Form" accurately. For 80 port and 25 port enabling, you need to fill in "Aspen Inter-Cloud Server Port 25 Application", and email to

Power-All will take the content audit within 24 hours and delivery to local IDC for personal information recording and backup. If application approved, we will notice information of 25-port to users by email. If there is any question, please email to or inquire (755) 8659 3732 Ext. 8021

Download Forms

Aspen Inter-Cloud Server   DOC PDF
F1-EN - Aspen Inter-Cloud Server Trial Request Forms  
F2-EN - Aspen Inter-Cloud Union Member Registration Forms  
F3-EN - Aspen Inter-Cloud Server Subscription Forms  
F4-EN - Aspen Inter-Cloud Server Balance Recharge Forms  
F5-EN - Aspen Inter-Cloud Server Business Application Forms  
F6-EN - Aspen Inter-Cloud Server Port 25 Application Forms  
Power-All Cloudwww Portal Requirement      
R1-Power-All Cloudwww Portal Requirement Form