Capital Trust Group Limited and W Ventures (Hong Kong) Limited select AlphaPoint as the Blockchain Technology Provider (MONDAY 2 OCTOBER 2017)

             Capital Trust Group and W Ventures (Hong Kong) have selected the AlphaPoint platform to create the blockchain financial technology infrastructure for Trust City. The AlphaPoint Distributed Ledger Platform will enable the creation of asset-backed ICO’s for potentially 20,000 wholesale factory representative clients of Trust City. The first Trust City client to leverage the AlphaPoint platform will create an asset-backed ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in order to fund the expansion of a super luxury private airport in Thailand. This airport will facilitate the travel of private jets enabling business people and ultra-high-net-worth individuals to visit and do business in Trust City.

             “With this initiative, Capital Trust Group Limited and W Ventures (Hong Kong) Limited are leading the pack in demonstrating what can be done with blockchain technology,” said Igor Telyatnikov, President and COO of AlphaPoint, “Blockchain technology is revolutionizing economies and commerce and the Trust City project will be an example of the future.”

             Capital Trust Group Limited, a lead investor in transactions as well as a co-investor with other financial institutions, will be acting as the blockchain exchange and trustee provider for the project. W Ventures (Hong Kong) Limited, the Trust City project owner, will help with fundraising for the project and attract fintech companies to Thailand.

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